Meal Planning, Prep and Cooking Lessons

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”

Anna Thomas

Fresh From YOUR Kitchen is Always Better!

So, you want enjoyable, nutritious meals available to you at home, right? Here’s the deal. Whether you want to eat healthier, reduce stress, get more time back in your schedule, or simply organize your life, meal prep is the solution.

We start with the Basics. There are options to preparing meals ahead of time. You can prep meals for a few days at a time, a full week or longer, and still get the results you are looking for…more time for the really important things in life like dedication to your professional commitment, quality time with the kids, exercise, reading, or personal pursuits.

We can accommodate your goals with one-on-one training, couples, or in small groups. Classes take about 3 hours. Groups are limited to 6 individuals. Cost is determined by the service provided.

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Like what you’ve heard so far?

Like to take it a step further?

Invite your friends to a “Culinary Party”

For Couples, the “Ultimate Date Night” can be learning together while preparing a Romantic Meal at Home.

Entertaining a small group of friends? Having a Girls Night? Looking for something different to do on your weekend at the lake?

Culinary Parties are hands on events where you do the work together.

It’s an experience you will not forget!

So many Options, So Much Fun!!

Choose your class, the ideas are endless:

  • hors d’oeuvres
  • appetizers
  • meal prep
  • 3 or 5 course meal
  • desserts

Classes are approximately 3 hours of fun. Class size limit is 6. Food and equipment will be provided. Cost varies according to prep time, food costs and distance.

*Groceries are ordered then delivered by local grocers.